Give no Chance to Search Engine Snoopers: MetaGer.Net

HANNOVER, Germany, January 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Searching the Internet inevitably results in footprint tracks being left behind, allowing snoopers to see what you are searching for, when each search has taken place and what search results attracted a click. Just surfing the Internet without using search engines does not alleviate this fundamental privacy problem: Users still leave the tracks of their clicks and pageviews.

You can avoid all this by employing the use of a VPN or an anonymous proxy. One privacy-protecting solution combining an Internet search engine and an anonymous proxy available today is . Your search is encrypted by leading edge technology and your clicks via "open anonymously" are loaded over an anonymous proxy, protecting your privacy. This holds true even if you click further on, when you continue surfing to webpages. A further, and against hackers even more bulletproof method is the MetaGer Tor hidden service, which is described further below.

MetaGer.Net is Germany's most popular meta search engine for the internet. It is run by the non profit NGO SuMa-eV. The source code is open ( ) and can be checked by anybody for it's protection shields against snooping. It is under the strict jurisdiction of German data protection laws, which are considered to be the strongest in the world.

In order to access MetaGer simply point your browser to:

Nothing about you is stored or open to snoopers when you use the search engine or enter search terms. When you click on results click on "open anonymously" on the right hand side of the result links your click goes via the MetaGer anonymous proxy and none of your data is transmitted to the destination web server. If you continue clicking, then even the follow-up clicks will remain anonymously as well.

The technology behind MetaGer is that of a hybrid search engine, meaning that MetaGer performs a meta-search using the indexes and the power of other search engines such as the well-known and highly efficient English-language news search engine One News Page ( Besides that, MetaGer also runs its own crawlers and indexers, thus making it a hybrid search engine.

The highest security level against snooping is currently provided by the Tor network. In order to facilitate that level of security for its users, MetaGer.Net has implemented an access via the Tor network: The MetaGer Tor hidden service. To use it, you first have to install a Tor browser: the details are described here:

To the best of our knowledge, MetaGer is currently the only Internet search engine worldwide to offer such security by a variety of ways.

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SUMA is an abbreviation of the German word for search engine (SUchMAschine). SUMA-EV is a registered non-profit association and has been committed to the free access to knowledge since 2004: uncensored, unfiltered, and without commercial or government control. Among other services, SUMA-EV operates the most popular German meta search engine 'MetaGer' and promotes alternatives to the global businesses. Since 2007 SUMA-EV has hosted the SUMA Awards, at which projects that are judged to be outstanding for the future of digital knowledge are acknowledged.


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