How can you support SUMA-EV?

Support SUMA-EV and help secure free access to knowledge! Best effort is becoming a member of SUMA-EV: click here to go directly to the membership form.

Or read more in the following what other options are available:

1. By helping to spread the aims of SUMA-EV

Help secure diversity and pluralism in the information society linking to other search engines apart from the market leader on your web pages. You can find a detailed list of alternative search engines here: SUMA-EV search engines

You can also help by publicising the effects of a worldwide search engine monopoly:
1. (non-)availability of information
2. control over access (by whom, from where etc.)
3. control over the order of search results (ranking)

2. By becoming a sponsor of SUMA-EV

You can sponsor SUMA-EV for just one euro a month, or with a single donation (everyone is welcome!). In return we will add you to our email news distribution list.

Please fill out and sign the following form and send it by post or fax (fax number: +49 (0)511 - 34 00 10 23; please notify us by email to of fax transmission)

sponsoring form

Donations or contributions to SuMa-eV can be offset against tax (in Germany) as it is recognized by the Finanzamt Hannover Nord (tax office) as of 19.2.2013 as a non-profitmaking organisation.

3. By joining SUMA-EV

This is the most effective way of supporting free access to knowledge. By becoming a SUMA-EV member you also gain access to the member-only area of our website, will receive the SUMA-EV newsletter (which reports on the latest developments in the search engine market), and voting rights at AGMs which enable you to participate in determining how SUMA-EV operates. You will also get free access to our forums and can place a link to your website on the SuMa-eV site.

Membership costs a minimum of 5 euros per month (half-rate for students and minors). Here is the

membership application

Please fill out and sign the form, and send it to:
SUMA-EV, Röselerstr. 3, D-30159 Hannover, Germany
or by fax to +49 (0)40 - 23 61 38 33 (please notify us by email to of fax transmission).

4. Donations

Donations of any amount are welcome! Every Euro helps the cause of free search engines. You can donate by:
  • bank transfer to the SUMA-EV account (within Germany):

Account-No.: 4075 0332 01; Sort Code (BLZ): 43060967
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Bochum
for bank transfers from abroad::
IBAN: DE64 4306 0967 4075 0332 01

Donations to SuMa-eV can be offset against (German) tax. For donations of 200 Euros or more, a receipt will be automatically sent to you. For donations below this amount, the tax office accepts normal proof of transfer.

Röselerstr. 3
D-30159 Hannover